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10/05/2020 New Window Sticker with NMVTIS Specs

New Window Sticker form added under Pricing and Value view. The Window Sticker includes the new NMVTIS features and accessories details.

09/28/2020 CarFax Connect Launched

New version of CARFAX Connect has been rolled out. Let us know if you would like to upgrade your current subscription or see how CARFAX can be a tool for your inventory.

09/03/2020 Floorplan Vehicles

Floorplan Vehicles settings updated to allow processing of Floor plans with zero interest rate for accounting transactions.

09/03/2020 Accounting Reconciliations

New advanced option for using Checkboxes instead of green plus for Accounting reconciliations. Useful for high volume accounting transactions when reconciling.

09/03/2020 Mail System Upgraded

Outbound and inbound emailing has been upgraded to the latest version. Upgrade due to SMTP Error authenticating which started occurring this week. All systems operational with new system.

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